You can now request your own Pokestop in Pokemon Go!

How to create your own Pokestop in Pokemon Go

Are you trying to play Pokemon Go but stuck in a wasteland of doom? Are there no Pokemon, Pokemon Go Gyms, or Pokestops around you? Well guess what, you can change that now! Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs has officially announced that it is taking submissions for new Pokestops and Pokemon Go Gyms.

You can submit a general ticket which basically says “No PokeStops or Gyms near me” and hope that some get placed around you, or you can request them to be placed in specific locations. The form in it’s current state only allows business submissions but you can still submit it anywhere and hope that they get the hint that one is needed. I wouldn’t suggest spamming them or they might place a block on you though. Keep in mind that the current PokeStops and Gyms are based off of geographic locations from the game Ingress that players have created landmarks at. They create these locations because they are either interesting locations, landmarks, or just high traffic areas. Do not just go spamming this form, be strategic about it, make sure your area is either one where there aren’t any other pokestops or gyms around you or they are high traffic areas that should have one but don’t.

I’ve already submitted a couple suggestions so we’ll see how the process turns up and how long it takes. Let me know if you guys get any of your locations approved, I’m interested to know the success rate on these submissions!


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