How do I get more Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Like we’ve mentioned in a few other articles on here, actually finding and collecting Pokemon is not something that explained very well in Pokemon Go. As you walk around and explore your own world you will see shuffles of grass going on around you which indicates that there is a Pokemon lurking around in that area. What you will want to do is travel around that area until you find that Pokemon, he will pop up out of the grass and show himself at which point you can tap on him to try catching him with your Pokeballs.

The difference here however is that instead of battling the Pokemon you’re attempting to catch them in your Poke Ball. Your throwing technique is probably the one thing you’ll want to master while attempting to catch em all! The angle and force behind the throw is a huge factor you want to take into account while doing this. As a note you also want to make sure you (obviously) hit the Pokemon with your Poke Ball.

When you first go to capture your first Pokemon you’ll see a white circle with a ring inside of it that continuously gets smaller and then resets. The goal is to toss your PokeBall and hit the inside of the shrinking colored ring. Doing this will grant you more XP dependind on the size of the colored circle.


  • A “Nice!” happens if you get the PokeBall to hit inside of the colored circle while it’s decent large and it will give you 10 XP if you successfully capture the Pokemon.
  • A “Great!” happens when the colored ring is about half the size of the main white ring and it will grant you 50 XP.
  • An “Excellent!” happens when the colored ring is super small and it will give you an extra 100 XP! This is a ton, and if you can master this, you’ll level up quicker then everyone else.


Different environments and surroundings determine the exact types of Pokemon that you’re going to find. For instance, water Pokemon are more likely to show up in a wet climate, around beaches, bodies of water, etc. You can use the white bar in the bottom right to see which Pokemon are nearby you and see if you want to go search for any of them. Also consider getting the “Incense” item as that will draw Pokemon toward you for 30 minutes, so be sure to use them if you’re having trouble finding any Pokemon!


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