Maximize the Effectiveness of your Incense Use in Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go Incense

Incense is a cool item in Pokemon Go that essentially lures pokemon to your current location regardless of where they actually are. Many players will use it while sitting at home when they’re not getting many Pokemon to begin with. Recent findings by the all important Reddit gods though have found that Pokemon Go’s coding reveals that standing around is not the best way to use Incense.

According to Pokemon Go’s coding (which was found initially here) Incense typically spawn one Pokemon every five minutes of use if you’re not moving around while using it. Apparently though the spawn rate is a variable and increases to once a minute if you’re moving at least 200 meters between spawns of each Pokemon. Therefor to maximize your Incense’s effectiveness you need to be moving around 7.5 miles per hour in order to make it the most effective.

Technically if this is true it’s possible to catch up to 30 Pokemon while your Incense is running. Unfortunately though between Pokemon Go’s glitchy tracking system and you stopping to actually catch the Pokemon that you find you’re more than likely going to only get around 10-15 Pokemon by using this method.

You will only be getting a few free Incense items so maximizing their effectiveness is always something I’m trying to help players do. If it’s not fairly obvious at this point that the “Go” in the name is literal, then this data will surely help! And don’t forget to represent your teams with these Pokemon Go Team Mystic ShirtsPokemon Go Team Valor Shirts, and Pokemon Go Team Instinct Shirts.


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