Pokemon Go 1.0.1 Update Released!

THANK GOD!! The 1.0.1 update for Pokemon Go is finally out, and we’ve got some great security and stability issues coming out of Niantic (about time).


Pokemon Go Server Issues

There has been an amazing response to Pokemon Go and because of that there has been a load of server, lag, logout, crash, etc issues that have been plaguing the game since it’s launch. Niantic has promised that this update is going to provide quite a bit more stability across the servers helping to resolve those lag and crashing issues people are experiencing.


Pokemon Go Account Issues

Pokemon Trainer Club

Tons and tons of people have been having issues with their Pokemon Trainer Club accounts, most of whom have been switching to Google simply because of the instability. Thankfully though Niantic has promised that this update is going to provide a ton more stability to their Pokemon Trainer Club service allowing those people to use their accounts regularly.

Pokemon Go Google Account Security

Perhaps the most controversial topic about Pokemon Go to date, Niantic has included in this update a release to make sure that the access requested by their app is only what is absolutely needed when logging in with your Google account. Prior, when using your Google account the app would force you to provide complete account access to everything Google related to the email you used to log in. After 1.0.1 the app is said to only request the needed read only access, so that there shouldn’t be any more security issues there.


That’s it for the updates this time around, it wasn’t a necessarily huge update out of Niantic but it addressed quite a few very big issues that needed to be address. Coming down the pipeline from Niantic is a pretty big update including the ever hyped trading feature where you can trade your Pokemon with other trainers. Until next time!


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