Pokemon Go Advanced Trainer’s Tactics

Pokemon Go Advanced Tips & Tricks

By now you’ve probably caught a few Pokemon, purchased a few items, and stopped at a few Pokestops. Hopefully you’re now ready to take advantage of more advanced tactics and tricks to help make your Pokemon Go experience more efficient. Don’t forget to always have your handy Pokemon Plushies by your side while you’re out hunting!


Swipe the PokeBall Button for Quicker Menu Access in Pokemon Go

Quick Menu Access in Pokemon Go

I’m sure that you’re aware of exactly what clicking the PokeBall button does in Pokemon Go. When you click it there are multiple options pop up for you to go into. Save some time by simply swiping it in a direction to quickly open one of the menu’s (it saves you 1 click!!). Swipe the PokeBall left to access the Pokemon Menu, swipe it right to go straight into your items list, and swipe up to access the Pokemon Go Shop.


Why did this Pokemon appear in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go Pokemon Rings

You’ve probably seen tons of Pokemon appear by now, but did you know that the rings around the Pokemon can give you clues as to why they appeared on your screen? Pay attention to those tiny rings so that you can start develop a feel for finding more Pokemon in your area and where exactly they tend to hang out. If you see a purple / pink colored ring around the Pokemon that means that they only showed up because of a nearby lure and you and everyone around the lure will be able to come to that spot to pick it up. If the Pokemon has white rings around it that means the Pokemon was there naturally, without anything provoking it. If you’re seeing a pink cloud circling the Pokemon in question then it showed up because of an incense that you popped and you are the only one that will be able to see it.


Increase Your Chances of Catching Pokémon, and Earn More XP in Pokemon Go

Capturing your favorite Pokemon (and even the common ones) may seem easy at first, but even the most common Pokemon get harder as you level up and gain more experience. You’ll start running into higher CP Pokemon and you’ll slowly start seeing your stash of Pokeballs disappear one by one.


When you first come across a Pokemon you’ll notice a large white circle around it as we covered already, this is the target that you’ll have to hit for your Pokeball to work at all. Inside of the white ring you’ll notice a constantly-shrinking colored circle that tells you how hard it’s going to be to catch the Pokemon you have come across. The goal is to toss your PokeBall and hit the inside of the shrinking colored ring. Doing this will grant you more XP dependind on the size of the colored circle.


  • A “Nice!” happens if you get the PokeBall to hit inside of the colored circle while it’s decent large and it will give you 10 XP if you successfully capture the Pokemon.
  • A “Great!” happens when the colored ring is about half the size of the main white ring and it will grant you 50 XP.
  • An “Excellent!” happens when the colored ring is super small and it will give you an extra 100 XP! This is a ton, and if you can master this, you’ll level up quicker then everyone else.


Good throw give you extra XP, if you can master that “Excellent!” throw you can gain XP quicker then most of your friends. Some extra resourceful redditors have datamined the Pokemon Go app and suggest good throws may also increase the chances of catching the Pokemon as well. They’ve also mentioned that if you throw a curveball it will increase the chances as well (in addition to the 10 XP it gives you). If you’d like to throw a curveball you have to hold your finger down on the PokeBall and start spinning in a circle and then throw it. Be prepared, because it’s going to spin greatly to the side you’re spinning it, much like a bowling ball! Turning your AR off will make this easier as the Pokemon will stay in one place, and it’ll also help save your battery life!


Optimize your Pokemon training and evolving in Pokemon Go

The value of a Pokemon depends on your trainer level, it’s combat power (CP), and it’s move set. Generally, you really want to focus on keeping Pokemon with the highest CP and then send over the rest to Professor Willow so that you can get the extra candy that you can use to evolve your Pokemon. You don’t really need to worry about powering them up until they’ve in their fully evolved form.


If you want to find more Pokemon that have higher CPs then you need to increase your trainer level. Niantic (Pokemon Go’s Developers) have been extremely quiet about how CP really works so there are a few things we’ve put together to help better understand it:


  • All Pokemon of the same type will have the same max CP dependent on your trainer level. If you catch a CP 10 Pidgey and a CP 100 Pidgey they will both have the same maximum CP.
  • Most Pokemon have different CP maximums then others, so you’ll always have your better Pokemon and your weaker ones.
  • The CP cap is dependent on your trainer level. The CP maximum of Pokemon stop growing when you hit level 30 (max level is 40).
  • Evolving your Pokemon will raise it’s current and max CP but the percentage will remain the same. For instance if your Pidget is 50% to max CP, and you evolve them, your Pidgeotto will be 50% as well.


As you can see almost everything is dependent on your trainer level. It is much better to focus on power leveling your trainer in the beginning then it is catching Pokemon. As you grow you’ll start seeing better, more different types, and stronger Pokemon.


Boost your trainer level in Pokemon Go with the lucky egg trick

Lucky Egg Pokemon Go

The Lucky Egg trick is something that has helped me get as high as I have in Pokemon Go Trainer Level. What you do is you basically save up a ton of weak Pokemon candy, and then a bunch of those weak Pokemon to evolve while you have a Lucky Egg activated (it’s not a bad idea to be around a lure or have an incense going during this time as well).


Tip: Don’t evolve your Pidgeottos into Pidgeots while you do this! It is way more XP efficient to only evolve Pidgey’s into Pidgeottos and then send them to the professor.


Tracking Pokemon and Finding Pokemon you Don’t Have

Tracking Pokemin in general is unreliable and there’s no real way at the moment to guarantee that you’ll find or capture anything that you’re looking for. The video above though helps explain a few tips that really help you increase your chances at finding those Pokemon that you really want. We’ve outlined a few of the tips below.


  • Three paw prints means that the Pokemon is within a kilometer of your location, two means within 100 meters, and one is under 10 meters away. If you don’t see any paws then it’s likely on top of you and you should see it shortly.
  • Don’t select a single Pokemon to track as when you open up the tracking tab you can see them in order of the closest Pokemon. Starting from the top left spot you can see the Pokemon that are closest to you.


Currently there is a known glitch about most Pokemon showing the 3 paw prints and it is being worked on so the most efficient way to track them right now is leaving your tracking tab open and watching the way they’re ordered.


Take over PokeGyms with ease in Pokemon Go

For a trainer that doesn’t exactly know how the gyms and battles work they can turn into a tap-fest where the winner is solely decided on brute force. The video above will show you exactly how to do a battle but we’ve outlined a few points below.


  • First for the obvious point 🙂 Always use your 6 strongest Pokemon when taking on an enemy gym.
  • When the battle starts pay attention to the color of the lights on your screen. When the screen flashes yellow swipe left or right and you’ll dodge their attack. This flash is representative of the enemy Pokemon using their ability which is completely able to be doged.
  • Defending Pokemon will attack every 1.5 seconds, so keeping that in mind you can time your attacks and dodges quite perfectly.


When it’s all said and done and you’ve taken over the gym with ease you’ll be able to leave your pokemon there to defend the gym you’ve just taken over. It’s super tempting to leave your very best Pokemon (I’ve even done it a few times) but it’s pointless, leave one of your other Pokemon like 3rd or 4th best to defend, and keep your strongest Pokemon for taking more gyms. The more gyms you hold the more PokeCoins you can earn. You will get 10 PokeCoins per gym held and you can earn a maximum of 100 PokeCoins in a 24 hour period.


If you’re focusing on earning XP right now, don’t worry about building up or defending gyms at all. You early a ton of XP for defeating and taking over enemy gyms, but only a minuscule amount of defending and building up your own.


That’s it for now, happy PokeHunting!


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